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  1. If you're using WordPress, does the problem remain if you temporarily disable your other plugins and switch to the TwentyFourteen theme? (a)
  2. Is the problem in the backend of your site or the frontend (or both)?
    • If the problem is in the backend, please provide a WP login (b) so we can review your setup (test the login to make sure it works!). All tickets are automatically "private" (will never be visible to the public).
    • If the problem is in the frontend, please include a url to where the issue can be seen. (b)
  3. Did you purchase the plugin from CodeCanyon, or was it included with your theme?
  4. Are you using the latest version of the plugin, as is WordPress itself up to date? (c)
  5. Is the problem present on all major browsers?
  6. Is the problem on Mac, Windows, or mobile, and if mobile, what device? Also, what OS version is the issue present? (Windows 7, OSX Mavericks, iOS 8.1, etc.)
  7. Have you reviewed the documentation and FAQ's to see if your question has been answered? (see "Helpful Resources" below)
  • a) This information is important to help us determine if the issue is with the plugin itself or if there's a confict with another plugin or your theme. We'll try our best to help either way, but knowing this information helps us solve the problem faster!
  • b) If you're working on localhost, unless its a known issue, unfortunately it's hard for us to help unless we can see a live example.
  • c) Use this tool if you're not sure whether or not your plugin is up to date.

Additional Information:

  • All tickets are answered within one business day. Including answers to the questions above will help us help you the fastest!
  • If the plugin your purchased was included with a theme or template you purchased, although we try to help in these situations, if it appears the issue is theme-related, we may kindly ask that you contact the author of your theme/template for support.
  • All tickets are automatically "closed" when we respond, and will automatically reopen if you respond back. This doesn't mean we consider the issue "closed". Instead, it's just a way for us to make sure all tickets are answered in the order in which they're recieved.
  • Each time you post, your ticket will get sent to the bottom of the queue, so it's best to wait for a response before posting again to ensure your ticket is answered as fast as possible.
  • Include screenshots if possible that illustrate the issue, as this will help us understand and diagnose the problem.

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Helpful Resources:

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Essential Grid

If your ticket is not answered within one business day, please Post your Ticket Number (from ticket URL) to the Item Comment at CodeCanyon / ThemeForest.

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